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Donor Agreements

Embryo, Egg, Sperm

For parents, the decision to create a family via egg, sperm, or embryo donation is an intensely personal and emotional one. That's why it's so important that your family is protected by qualified, experienced, legal counsel at every step of your journey.  Reproductive Family Law Center can assist recipients interested in contracting with a known donor, recipients interested in contracting with an anonymous donor, or donors themselves.

The donation agreement between Intended Parents and Donor represents a binding contract setting forth the parties's rights, obligations, and expectations with regard to the donation, as well as addressing all relevant legal issues.  These issues can include future contact, expense reimbursements, and healthcare decision making. Both Donors and Intended Parents should obtain legal representation to ensure unexpected issues do not arise throughout the process.  Reproductive Family Law Center can represent the Intended Parents or Donor in reviewing all legal agreements between the parties, and will draft and negotiate the donation agreement between the Intended Parents and Donor. 

Donation Agreement Services: 

  • Contracts 

  • Legal document review 

  • Drafting and negotiating donation agreements 

  • Embryo, egg, and sperm donor services connections 

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