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Co-Parenting Agreements

When two people want to parent a child together, but are either unmarried or using a donor together, there can be stress surrounding what rights each parent will have. That's why it's important to be represented by qualified and experienced legal counsel as you draft your co-parenting agreement. 

A Co-Parenting Agreement establishes the rights and obligations of unmarried persons wanting to parent a child or children together. It details the obligations each party will have towards each other in the rearing of the child. It specifies between the couple their understanding and agreement about the creation, birth and raising of the child. Such agreements are designed to comply with state law and survive the death of one parent or dissolution of the relationship between the parties, providing long term stability for the child.  Reproductive Family Law Center can help you draft co-parenting agreements so that each party feels they are adequately protected and know exactly what is expected of them. 

Co-Parenting Agreement Services: 

  • Co-parenting plan drafting 

  • Co-parenting plan review

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